Lechazo Conf

Last weekend was a great one. We were invited by the friendly folks from Cyllicon Valley to talk about ourselves, our work and projects. We took this offer as an opportunity for showing some of the great things we work at ticketea as well as for teambuilding.

If you don't know Cyllicon Valley they are a group of adventurous people of different background (technical, designers, entrepreneurs, etc) creating great projects in Castile and León.

Our day started early as the talks began at 10 and the bulk of our group would be beginning the journey from Madrid (where our office is located) and got on a train to Valladolid. Since we are a happy bunch it was a funny trip full of jokes and stories. We finally got to the "Agencia de Innovación" building where the talks would take place. I must say it has very large conference room ideal for comfortable conferences.

I said we were a happy bunch

Soon the room was crowded as around 70 attendees came to hear us. And they were in for a surprise since they were expecting 4 talks and we squeezed in another one. Yay for us! we sure love to talk about ourselves!

We love ourselves

To whet the appetite we started with "Construyendo producto" (which could loosely translate to "How to Build a Product") in which Macarena and Marisa outlined our type of users and gave a general overview of our products (for a startup we seem to have many). Then the talk shifted into UX territory and how it affects ticketea.

Then it was Carlos and Miguel Araujo's turn with the frontend talk, explaining how we divided our frontend into two separate projects. One for promoters using the old one and all the improvements and prettiness that went into our new one to make sure there is a pleasant experience to the clients that come to buy their tickets.

we had a break here to replenish

After the break we had Jorge and Miguel Hernández who gave us an overview on the many mobile technologies at use at ticketea bothcurrent and upcoming (if you were there you know our secret future plans, don't spoil the rest ;) ) As well as an overview of the toolchain to produce them and pitfalls encountered.

It was the turn for Federico and myself (Guillermo) to give a tour on what does it mean to be a devops at ticketea. In which they explained how ticketea runs without any dedicated sysadmin position but with many devops, which is something people are usually amazed at. Then moved on to talking about our custom open source tool: Forseti as well as some other known tools.

For the final act, Imanol and Iñaki talked about backend tecnologies. Our use of AWS, our history from a monolith to a multilith (we have an outstanding [article about it in infoq if you are curious) and about the decisions and stories that happened along that journey. Finally they painted a clear picture of how we cope with our spiky traffic.

This ended the talks, but our day would go on as we enjoyed some traditional gastronomy and the beautiful views that Valladolid has to offer. So if talking about us wasn't enough to make us come to Valladolid, those two reasons would be enough :)

Look at all those happy folks!

Sadly, there is no video of the talks, but don't despair we are pretty sure that we will repeat them in the future but better, as we gathered a lot of useful feedback!

If you want to book us we are open for reservations from Friday to Sunday, just kidding! but invite us over if you want :)

See you on our next post