Status update!

You may have been wondering why our engineering blog has been so silent these past few months after our past efforts to publish at least once per month. Well, the truth is we’ve been really, really busy, mostly because… ticketea got acquired and now is part of the Eventbrite family!

Madrid Office engineering team celebrating

We were acquired at the end of April and are now a part of a company of over one thousand employees. It has been an exciting adventure, but has also required some effort and changes to adjust to the new ways of working.

As a result of the acquisition, we won’t be posting new articles on this blog anymore. Instead, we will be posting on the more global, bigger and better Eventbrite engineering blog:

We look forward to continuing the discussion about Python, React, AWS and many other interesting topics on the new blog! We encourage you to update your RSS feed. You will find many interesting areas of expertise and unique experiences from developers around the globe.

We have already posted some articles about the PythonES 2018 and React Alicante conferences, as well as a guide to getting started with unit tests. Check them out!