Ticketea innovation week

A few weeks ago, ticketea decided it was time to try a new experiment in which the entire Product team would be given carte blanche to decide in which feature or product would a small team work during a week. There were only a couple of rules to follow. Mostly to ensure everything was contained and interesting for ticketea as a company.

Those rules where:

  1. Must be related to ticketea in some way.
  2. Each team must deliver at least a demo at the end of the week in front of all of our colleagues.

At the beginning there was darkness

Innovation Week didn't start on monday, there were several months prior to it in which we shared a document where we started writing down some ideas. In this brainstorming everything was accepted and there were some funny and wild ideas, some of them impossible to do. Whatever it takes to foster creativity! Since we are free to join a project, there is no need to filter ideas as those that don’t get some people to work on them are automatically discarded.

Let's crawl a bit... NOPE

What it meant

That week was immensely fun. Everyday working at ticketea we come up with many ideas: some of them are kind of tongue in cheek and some come out of frustration from something we know we can do better. Anyway, the important point is that every teammate has their own ideas on how to improve some facet of the company and this week is a chance to prove it.

But it is also fun because we get to play with many technologies during a week. For a week we changed:

  • Some of the languages of choice: elixir, go, javascript (some people don't do frontend on their daily basis)
  • Frameworks and tools: Redis (in both stable and unstable versions), Plug (Elixir), websockets, Google Maps, c3.js, Google Now, two factor authentication, Gorilla (Go's framework), among others.
  • And even hardware: as real hackers we even had a physical object running on a Raspberry Pi with lots of wires, lights and sensors.

We'd love to show all the products and features we came up with, but unfortunately we can't disclose it yet. We are currently evaluating all the projects and deciding which ones we'll incorporate into ticketea's products. We hope to have all of them incorporated and if we do we’ll surely write about them.

What we learned

Not all was fun and games... well, it really was fun and games! But we have learned a few lessons for the future:

  • We must improve our organizational skills, forming a team to work on a project or trying to 'sell' an idea to others was done hastily on monday's morning without too much thought.
  • Another issue that went up in our retrospective (yeah! we did a retrospective of that week) was that we should keep doing stand-ups during the week.

See you soon

While we don't know when will be the next ticketea's Innovation Week, everyone at the team is really excited with the perspective of an encore, although that'll depend on how do we score on the experiment (we have handed out a questionnaire to see how it was perceived by the rest of the company).

Next time you happen to create an event, purchase a ticket or do anything with us, you might be using one of those ideas and we hope it'll amaze you using it as much as we had fun when we were creating them.

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